Compagnie des Archers du Bailli

More than 40 targets and shoots on the weekend

Archery Games

are anything but classic target shooting. Moving targets, with obstacles, speed shooting, historic shooting… You can cross everything, even the improbable. The goal is to have fun while being forced to shoot “otherwise” in other conditions, and to improve his shooting technique. For an archer, everything can be a target. Shooting is fun, so let’s be crazy…

A Hunting Game,

on animal targets (2D or 3D) is also organized. The number of targets varies, the conditions also. Sometimes the animal hides behind obstacles…


Distance shooting.

Shooting in a sport room, or in the back of his garden, is always a little limited in terms of distances. Here we have space, we take the opportunity to offer you direct shootings on target at 25m, 50m and 75m. Of course children will shoot at target, at only 25m (unless they want to try other distances)


Shoot at the marks

We should also organize the traditional Shooting at Marks, in parabolic shooting, between 70m and 100m, as well as a Clout shooting. For children, the distances are reduced by 20m.